London a cultural city essay

Contact Us Special Report Want to cleanse your city of its poor? Host the Olympics Hosting the Olympics is often presented to us as an ideologically neutral opportunity to boost tourism and sports. In a thought-provoking piece Ceasefire Magazine's Ashok Kumar outlines a clear and consistent, yet barely noticed, pattern of the Games being used to fundamentally restructure the host City to the purposeful exclusion of its working class and ethnic minority residents.

London a cultural city essay

As if praying dumbly, Over her breast! Her attractiveness in death stresses her purification through drowning. The narrator's reclaiming of her body and her story replicates Victorian medico-judicial discourse, which sustained a suicide's image for all to see through the coroner's inquest, and posthumously projected mental disorder onto the escaped patient.

Her body is turned into an instructive sign marking the way out for "One of Eve's family" The fatherly speaker teaches the observer how to recreate the image of the drowned woman, and the man he addresses doubles for the reader of the poem.

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This intervention limited the body's signs and prevented a woman from sowing discord between men; her deviant act instead united them. The reconstituted female body, passive to interpretation and completely immobile in the city, instructed readers to learn the poem's lesson through observation, to experience it through their senses, to bathe themselves in the revised version and utterly consume it.

For six decades, Hood's hapless heroine was consistently depicted in three ways: No editions illustrated the respectable home she came from or her disreputable life in London, although Hood alluded to them.

Each illustrator also coded her suicide as redemptive, through emblematic details and an aesthetically pleasing corpse, and inevitable, by surrounding her with passive observers, not rescuers -- a feature of Hood's poem in conflict with actual river-practice.

This fact attests to the implicit determinism of the motif, that "the prevalent tendency towards self-destruction among isolated and alienated young women in London. Sincethe Royal Humane Society had been diligently setting up receiving stations around London's bodies of waters, training attendants on the principles of expiration and inspiration, and instructing the public never to assume a drowned body was irrevocably dead.


They advertised rewards "to all who manifest an ardent zeal for the preservation of human life" Gregory He noted that "reanimation" was not dependent upon a strong constitution, and one could never predict who would recover from drowning 61stressing that even "the livid, black, and cadaverous countenance" or "the rigid and inflexible state of the body, jaws, or extremities" were not proof of absolute death" None of the drowned women in Victorian visual culture is so far gone.

Kite also recounted several cases from medical history in which drowning victims were reanimated hours after being underwater, including "a man who continued under water seven weeks, notwithstanding which, he not only recovered, but enjoyed a good state of health for a great many years after" 61!

Resuscitation grew in popularity throughout the nineteenth century and became increasingly visible. Wooden platforms were added to the Society's boats on the Serpentine inallowing resuscitation to begin immediately after a body was recovered Silvester Water rescue training was provided by the Royal Humane Society in public schools and on ships by Mundell Silvester's "Method of Inducing Respiration" Maidment's assessment that "the middle class spectator was positioned as an appalled but helpless observer," not a rescuer of female suicides is supported by the lack of good samaritans in these recreations.

Consider, for example, an London Journal story which featured a seduced woman's drowned body of exquisite proportions. The face was very lovely, and wore, even in death, a placid smile, as if the owner had parted with the world in a forgiving mood.

Perhaps a sweet prayer quivered on her lips as she left her spirit on the face of the waters. Her eyes were of that dark brown colour which render them so winning and expressive in a woman, and her hair quite black, and very luxuriant in quantity.

This is not because there was no market for gore, as Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors was in full swing, and, a decade later, the Illustrated Police News would be routinely filled with graphic scenes of death and dismemberment.

Such a suicide from Waterloo Bridge as Hood imagines, however, would have incurred a fifty-four foot drop Knight 3: They left the woman's body unscathed because Victorian art and literature constructed suicide as a redemptive act for unchaste women -- "Such violence promised the rebirth of a baptism" Foucault Hood had become so noted for his "Bridge of Sighs" that Matthew Noble's monument to him in Kensal Green Cemetery, erected through public subscription, carried a bas-relief of the drowned woman Fig.

Knight's description recognized Waterloo Bridge as a suicide locale two years before Hood's "The Bridge of Sighs," but didn't gender the deaths occurring there 3: After Hood's poem, Waterloo Bridge was recreated as the immoral woman's last stop, demonstrated in Sala's sensational travelogue of Morning, and noon, and night, the sharp, clicking turnstile revolves; the ever-wakeful tollman is there.

I call this man Charon, and the river which his standing ferry bridges over might well be the Styx" Suddenly, a "phantom in crinoline" touches the narrator's arm and asks for a halfpenny to cross.

But I may not linger on the mysteries of the Bridge of Sighs" London is the capital city of England and of the United Kingdom. The city is the main political, economic and cultural centre of the UK.

The economy of the London occupies the fifth part of the UK's economy. Media and Communications MA course - Develop a detailed understanding of how media and communications effects societies across the globe.

London a cultural city essay

But for all the reach of London’s global cultural offer, the city can’t be complacent. First, we need to make sure that we sustain and build on London’s cultural power. Second, we need to ensure that London makes an ever greater cultural . London, the city of Shakespeare and Virginia Woolf, Hogarth and Francis Bacon, Handel and David Bowie, Hawksmoor and Stirling, has long been an important centre for the arts.

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Culture Liverpool and the Institute of Cultural Capital have partnered Continue reading →. As London prepares to host the Summer Olympics, startlingly little critique has surfaced in the mainstream press. With the exception of the trivial issue of ticket prices, most of the city remains transfixed, internalising the dominant process precedes each Olympic games, one that is written and distributed by and for the real Olympic profiteers; a nexus of powerful.

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