Essay on expansion of the us

History of the United States Expansion During the early 's, settlers moved westward over the Appalachian Mountains into the new states and territories. Many of these pioneers even settled beyond the country's western boundary. They flocked into Texas, California, and other western lands belonging to Mexico. Americans also settled in the Oregon Country, a large territory between California and Alaska claimed by both Britain and the United States.

Essay on expansion of the us

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It doubled the size of the United States and gave us a strong face as an economic power. It brought immigrants from all over the world for the idea of owning land and making a living for themselves. We also had a second expansion with the Adams-Onis treaty in Davidson,p.

This gave the United State a firm foothold and clearly defined boarders for the first time in our history. With the foreign, French, British, and Spanish, citizens already living on the land we as a nation truly began to meld our cultures into what is now the United States.

This paper will identify the timeline of the purchase and the reasoning behind the purchase. It will also detail the effect the Louisiana Purchase had on the nation. Westward Expansion The westward expansion was a slow process until the Louisiana Purchase in Colonist settled in the westward territories in small groups.

The territory was again transferred back to France in during another war with the stipulation that France could not transfer it to anyone else without the consent of Spain.

This territory was extremely important to the United States as it held transport access via the Mississippi River and a shipping port in New Orleans. This would have put and extreme economic strain on the import and export of goods from the United States especially on behalf of the southern states which counted on the Mississippi River for transportation of goods.

Napoleon Bonaparte was expecting to use his foothold in the United States in conjunction with the territory of Hispaniola as an expansion of the French Empire.

He lost the island of Haiti during a slave revolt which stopped his plans to expand.

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Without the supplies and port of Haiti the Louisiana Territory was useless to him. He was also still involved in war with England and needed additional finances for that battle.

In order to obtain additional funds for his war he made the decision to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States. Thomas Jefferson was the President at the time and knew the implications of not having the rights to ship through the Mississippi and the port of New Orleans.

Prior to Bonaparte sending his minister to the United States Jefferson had already sent Robert Livingston to offer to purchase the New Orleans at a minimum. Bonaparte not only offered New Orleans but the entire Louisiana Territory.

This is recognized as the largest land purchase in United States history. It is also a major accomplishment as it was completed without the loss of life through a war. Spain was very upset that France made the sale leaving Florida out on its own without an ally to help defend it.The Mexican-American war determined the destiny of the United States of America; it determined if there was going to be expansion.

The war started mainly because of the Manifest Destiny, Americans thought they had the divine right to extend their territory. The Mexican-American War started mainly /5(2). Take a map of the westward expansion of the United States and what do you see? Some would say that expansion was a necessity toward Manifest Destiny.

Others would say that the ambition to be prosperous and wealthy played a huge role in how the map slowly begins to stretch westward.

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Essay on expansion of the us

4 pages. An Essay on the Benefits of The Louisiana Purchase of 1, words. 3 pages. An Overview of the United States Expansionism from s to s. 1, words. 3 pages. An Introduction to The Westward Expansion. From to territorial expansion tore the United States apart.

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Territorial expansion itself was not a debated issue. Spurred by the concept of Manifest Destiny, almost everyone believed that America should extend from sea to shining sea and maybe even farther/5(1).

American expansion in the 19th century Essay. A.

Essay on expansion of the us

Pages:3 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. The motives of the United States was not that of expansion, but in hopes of gaining new resources, land for agriculture, and natural resources.

We will write a custom essay sample on American expansion in the 19th century. In summary expansion to the west in the United States had many variable and initiating circumstances. It can also be concluded that the expansion was necessary for the U.S. to progress into the modern era.

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