Eop essay

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Eop essay

Eop essay

This hour was all about completing story arcs, and it was mightily satisfying to see that everyone got their just deserts. And to that end, rather than being a drama where a lone rebel hero saves all, it became one where the people became empowered to save themselves.

Yeonsangun is shocked and outraged at the impudence of these actions. Then, she retreats from the dais and makes a full and formal bow to him, crying sorrowfully all the while.

As she passes him, she spits in the his face, and in that moment, the official pulls out his sword to behead her. The following morning, Eunuch Kim notifies Yeonsangun that his half-brother, Grand Prince Jinseong, has been confirmed as the next king.

Nok-soo has also been divested of her extravagant adornments and attire, and she is dragged away to an unknown location. Smiling through her tears, she tells him that it was her choice to leave him for the king, and that she will also choose how she wants to die.

She turns away from him, and his expression is bittersweet as he sees her leave for the last time. Ignoring their mockery, she begins singing a song bemoaning the futility and meaninglessness of her life and her sorrow at her imminent death. But she can ignore them no longer when the people begin throwing rocks at her.

Other citizens cheer the coming of a new age as they jeer the overthrown king being exiled from the capital. He deplores the crowd for dethroning the king, Eop essay that this means the end of all social order. Seeing this one supporter, Yeonsangun commends him for his loyalty and says that he is a true citizen.

Yeonsangun raises his head, and their eyes meet for a long moment. Internally, the overthrown tyrant thinks that Gil-dong is taking joy in this victory over him and is gloating over his fallen state. However, Gil-dong is pities him and thinks that this is a sad day, thinking it more sorrowful than anything that a man born with such great potential like Yeonsangun had to be taken down.

On his way out of Hanyang, the former king notices a mound of rocks with a pair of red flower shoes displaced on it. Mourning the death of his most faithful concubine, Yeonsangun cries again and again for his dear Nok-soo, never tearing his eyes away from the human-size mound of rocks that mark the site of her death and burial ground.

Meanwhile at the palace, Eunuch Kim prepares to commit suicide by meticulously checking the rope with which he plans to hang himself.

He finally puts himself on the ledge and steps off to do the deed when suddenly, an arrow shoots toward him and severs the rope. Gil-dong has come to offer the eunuch a second chance: He tells Eunuch Kim that if he wants to truly repent for his sin of coddling Yeonsangun, he should not do it in death, but in life.

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Jeong-hak is also at the palace and seems to be optimistic about his prospects after the regime change. However, Scholar Song soon disabuses him of that notion. Clucking his tongue, the scholar pities his student for his naivety and tells him that he may never achieve a higher status again in this government.

Then he gives the king his official sentence: Yeonsangun is guilty of treason for not accepting or even realizing that there was something that should be respected above the king referring to the trust of the people. Then, all of a sudden, he collapses in the midst of all his mad scribblings and coughs up blood, indicating his death which historically occurred a couple weeks after his exile.

The rebels return to Hyangjumok with news of victory at Hanyang, and the people rejoice to learn that they are no longer a target of the government.

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In a speech, Gil-hyun tells them that this is a collective win that was only possible because they rose up together.

Cue welcoming warm embraces all around between the returning rebels and their loved ones. She thought that he was dead, she elaborates, and she carries those traumatic memories with her. She says that although the truth is painful, she wants to tell their child everything. It seems that Ok-ran has been bringing Mori food to his little mountain shack while he recovers from his wounds from the Battle of Hyangjumok, because he can barely conceal a smile when she arrives with a basket.

She urges him to join them, but he refuses, which gets her in a huff. Then, behind Ok-ran, Eorini appears with a displeased expression on her face. Without hesitation, he piggybacks her all the way back to the Hyangjumok village, with Eorini following one step behind.


Once they arrive and get help for Ok-ran, Mori waits until she regains consciousness. The subsequent scene is comical as all the Hong brothers gather to watch Mori eat.

Then the atmosphere relaxes a bit until Mori lets Gil-dong know that the mountain assassins were looking for the traitor Geo-in.

Eop essay

Eorini pales with fear at the mention, and Gil-dong realizes that Scholar song is still up to his old tricks.

Then, all the brothers come out in support, which makes Mori eventually acquiesce. However, the Hong brothers explain that if they stay any longer, the village will be targeted again by political forces. When the villagers ask will happen if they miss their Hong Hero, Gil-dong promises that they will see each other again.West Los Angeles College ∙ Overland Avenue ∙ Culver City, CA ∙ The Fashion Design program will teach you the fundamentals of professional draping, pattern making, sewing techniques, master computer-aided design (CAD), and learn how to take a design from concept to finished garment.

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