Describe the marketing information needs of the fast food industry

Briefly describe your career path up to this point. Prior to this, I worked as a curator and as an arts writer over many years. When working in small organisations one gets used to working in many different roles, from challenging, interesting activities such as developing an exhibition or a policy for CCP, through to taking out the bins and serving drinks!

Describe the marketing information needs of the fast food industry

Annie enjoys days out with friends and family, cooking and going to music events. What do you do at Bought By Many? I handle customer enquiries relating to our Travel and Business insurance, provide quotes and assist customers with purchasing policies. I interact with customers over live chat, email and over the phone ensuring they receive excellent customer service throughout.

How did you get into insurtech and working for Bought by Many? I was then recommended Bought by Many by a recruitment agency, so I looked them up and I was impressed with their values and objectives and so I put myself forward for the job.

What are you excited about working on? Being a part of the Travel team where we offer our own unique type of Travel Insurance designed for people with Pre-existing medical conditions is very exciting. I feel like this really differentiates us from other insurance providers and continues to add to Bought by Many's very customer-focused approach.

I am also looking forward to getting to know other departments and products. I believe having a better understanding of how other departments operate adds to a better customer experience. How would you describe the team Very friendly and inclusive. You feel like you are a part of a big team who works hard together and is dedicated to the mutual goal of doing the best for our customers.

It is also very supportive, we all help each other and everyone is very approachable and more than happy to help. In her spare time, she plays netball and loves to explore as many different types of cuisine as possible. I think about how we can make sure that our customers are being treated fairly and that we're taking what they're telling us on board and using it to drive forward improvements.

How did you get into insurtech? This is my first insurtech role.

Target marketing: What is it and why does it matter?

I decided that the next company I wanted to work for was a company that cared about their customers, a company that had a compliance department because they wanted one not because they were told they had to have one.

Another main attraction was the innovative product list. I'm looking forward to working with the customer service team - this area is where most of our customers interact with us. How would you describe the team? I am amazed at how smart the team is. We also have such an open way of working.Updated world stock indexes.

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Describe the marketing information needs of the fast food industry

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Describe the marketing information needs of the fast food industry
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