Anchoring script of independence day function in school

Generally, this celebration includes cultural programs like dance and singing performance. Schools or colleges invite the eminent chief guests from administrative fraternity like trustees or local politician from education ministry or from local government bodies.

Anchoring script of independence day function in school

He is a well known dynamic young educationist, Anchor 2: He is none other than our principal …. I would like to invite [Name Goes Here] on stage for a welcome speech. Thank you so much sir.

Anchoring script of independence day function in school

We are really fortunate to have your guidance and support with us. Without you all this would not have been possible.

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Thank u thank u and thank u!! We feel honored to have with us…. Sir you hardly need any introduction, you have made all of us proud by your distinguished work in numerous capacities. A man of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas Anchor 2: An idol of knowledge and experience and inspiration to all of us.

The colors, designs and swirling robes of Rajasthan have mesmerized Indian and Western women for years. It is also an inspiration to many fashion pundits. What a magical and spellbound performance…The grace and the elegance of our roots can hardly be compared to anything else.

That was an incredible performance which completely enthralled the onlookers. Lets move forward to yet another scintillating dance form that is semi classical, a dance form which is a combination of classical and Bollywood.

A blend of cosmic tune and divine music!. Now it is the time we acknowledge the talent and intelligence of our brimming students. Its time for the prize distribution ceremony…. For this we would like to call upon stage……………. Does dancing make you happy?

Does it make you feel carefree? Dance to the rhythm of your heart, and you will feel happiness like never before. It does not matter whether you like jazz or waltz, jive or salsa. What matters is that your heart loves to dance… Anchor 2: Our next dance form is known to be the most beautiful and the most expressive dance form ever which involves various figures, movements and mesmerizing formations which engrosses its audiences to the core….

It was a fabulous performance They have given meaning to every word with their art. I m still lost in it…. One day is a play about Kabir, a guy who snubs and ignores every person be his wife or friends…letS see how his life takes a turn and how he gets evolved into a better human being….

It was an amazing portrayal of human feelings and emotions …. But here at [School Name] we not only provide you with a professional degree but also we make you a better human being and that is what matters.

The [School Name] epitomizes strength, dedication, hard work and success of not one but all those who are associated with it….

Ret ki jarurat har registan ko hoti hai, Sitaro ki jarurat har aasman ko hoti hai, Dolat ke chakkar me apne des ko mat bhul jana sathiyo, Kyoki achhe desbhakt ki jarurt har insan ko hoti hai…. All you have to do is submit your request related to 15 August Anchoring Script in the commenting section and we will forward your script directly in your mail box.Anchoring Script for Annual Day Function Words 4 Pages.

School Day. ANCHORING SCRIPT FOR A CULTURAL EVENT Anchor Good Evening! Indian independence activists Words | 4 Pages. Open Document. the work. Signal, Fire station, Horse stable, Plant. The galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, invited guests, teachers and my dear friends – how different is this morning.

Indeed very wonderful the vibes around tell a beautiful tale, which is truly unforgettable. ANCHORING SCRIPT ANCHORING SCRIPT Result announcement INTRODUCTION Show of soaring competence, Glow of vibrating Biyanites It is larger than dreams, It is the craziness that is rife, It is the creation of life, It is the festival of life.

Anchor 1: Good afternoon everyone. The galaxy of intellectuals, invited personalities, teachers and our lovely students. Aug 10,  · You can find Independence Day Essay, Speech and anchoring script by following given links and here we have a sample vote of thanks for independence day functions for school and colleges.

You can also find a vote of thanks for school annual day function here/5(). Jan 31,  · Get the Best School, College Annual Function Day Anchoring Script Speech in English.

Download free compering script, anchoring script for Independence Day India on 15th August Essay/5(). anchoring script for a cultural event Anchor Good Evening!

Ladies and Gentleman!, The galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, invited guests, teachers and my dear friends – how different is this evening.

15 Aug Independence Day Anchoring Script English-Hindi